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Conover Organic Farm
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About Us

Jeff and Diana Conover are two

"back to the land believers"

Jeff is a 14th generation farmer. His family has been farming American soil since 1624.

His family’s first farm was in present day Manhattan, and in 1636 Jeff’s ancestor moved to and became the first white settler on Long Island, owning 15,000 acres of what is present day Brooklyn. In the late 1600’s, one of the sons left Brooklyn and began a farm in central New Jersey, which continued to be worked by the Conover family until the 1960’s when Jeff’s father graduated college and moved to the big city of Pittsburgh. Jeff spent much of his childhood at his grandparent’s farm, learning organic farming practices. Or as it was called then, just farming.

After spending 25 years as an executive in the corporate world, Jeff rekindled his love for fresh, wholesome produce and returned to the “family business”.

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Diana Conover, likewise was a business executive until very recently. She learned the art of beekeeping from her grandfather and father and is keeping the beekeeping art alive at Conover Organic Farm. Jeff and Diana have four grown children, 2 dogs, and thousands of bees, all of whom are very active on the farm.

They enjoy eating fresh, healthy food free of GMOs and pesticides and both enjoy cooking, canning and freezing the summer’s bounty. It is that love that led us to bottle some of our farm fresh goodies to sell. Order our delicious products today.